Garage Conversions & ADU's

A1 Builders Inc’s garage conversion (detached or attached) ADU services include: issuing construction plans, floor plans and images, issuing architectural plans, issuing structural plans, issue title 24, approving with the city the complete set of plans, pulling permits, selecting materials using our wide range of vendors and applying all savings we get toward the customer, and conducting actual construction work from demolition to finish installation with on-site supervision at all time.

Why convert your garage or build an ADU?

  • Income:¬†Converting your garage into a beautiful guest house has become very popular in Los Angeles. More and more homeowners are turning their unused space into monthly income via vacation, monthly and annual rentals.
  • Add Value: All additional usable square footage adds value to a home, and the ability to add rental income adds even more!¬† The new state law, Senate Bill No. 1069, allows California homeowners to build & permit a small second dwelling onto their property, so you need not worry about the legalities of your build.
  • For Work or Play: The passing of Senate Bill No. 1069 affords you an ideal opportunity to add the home office, yoga studio, man cave, guest house… you name it!